About Pinbits


What is it?

PinBits is an IPFS pinning service.

Supply the hashes and the money, and we'll pin them until the money runs out. Additional money can be supplied at any time. Note that we start counting time as soon as we issue the pin command, so factor in download time.

What's it cost?

Our current rates are $5 per Terabyte-hour ($0.35 per Gigabyte-month). We divide your payment by that cost and then by the total size of your requested pin in order to come up with how long to pin for. Additional time can be purchased in the same way.

How does it work?

Go pin something. Simple!

How can I tell if it's working?

The status of individual hashes can be viewed by constructing a URL like https://pinbits.io/status/<hash>

Direct links like the above are also given after you've pinned something.